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Tempered glass is a widely used safety glass given its unique characteristics:

· resistance against impact  is >4 times stronger than normal float glass

· ability to withstand drastic temperature changes (thermal stability)  is 1.5-2.0 times that of normal float glass  

· when broken, breaks into small pieces in obtuse angle causing minimal injury to human


Manufacturing of Tempered glass involves heating the glass to near melting temperature of 650ºC-700ºC and then rapidly cool down to achieve the above unique characteristics while maintaining the original flatness and clarity of the glass.


Our Tempered Machine incorporated the latest process technology specified by us to ensure consistent glass flatness and enable us to temper special glass types such as Low-E glass.



· Glass thickness:    4.0mm - 19.0mm

· Maximum size:      2400mm x 5000mm



Laminated glass is highly regarded as a superior safety glass. The PVB interlayer effectively binds the glass pieces together such that glass does not shatter when broken by impact, thus preventing injury to human from sharp and flying edges.


Laminated glass not only provides durability, high performance and multi-functional benefits but also preserves the aesthetic appearance of the glass.


Our Laminated Glass Production Line adopts international standard process parameters and uses the best available polyvinyl butyral (PVB) as interlayer.



· Glass thickness:    6.38mm - 70.0mm

· PVB thickness:      0.38mm   0.76mm   1.14mm   1.52mm

· PVB colour:           Clear   Translucent (Diffuse)   Polar White

                                       Light Blue-Green   Solar Bronze   Grey   Others

· Maximum size:      2200mm x 3800mm